PesaKit COVID-19 response to support mobile money agents

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Essential Frontline Service Providers

CICO agents are key essential service providers - and at significant risk.

  • Agents are a high-risk community due to the physical handling of money which brings them into contact with potentially contaminated banknotes at a higher frequency than other groups.
  • The very physical nature of mobile money identity authentication and transaction verification put agents into close contact with a high number of customers including the use of shared equipment such as pens and logbooks.
  • Rebalancing is a risky business: agents could potentially contract the virus while using public transport to travel to the bank and there is an increased risk of exposure at the bank itself.

PesaKit's COVID-19 initiatives & responses

Pre-COVID-19, Pesakit was empowering agents increase revenue, however, the pandemic has been disruptive and risky to our customers hence we are stepping up our efforts to help them protect themselves, improve their livelihoods and hopefully navigate this difficult period in three ways.

Safety & Anti-misinformation Campaign

We educate mobile money agents and their customers on best practices to prevent spread of COVID-19 at agent shops ensuring safe and secure DFS locations.

Float Exchange

We allow agents to purchase float remotely from their shops, reducing their need to frequent banks, and build their capacity to meet their customers deposit/cash-in needs.

COVID-19 Insurance

A 12-month hospital cash insurance cover that provides agents an income safety net when tested positive, quarantined or admitted in hospital due to COVID-19.

Safety & anti-misinformation campaign

The PesaKit Safety Campaign seeks to support an agent’s business continuity, prevent the spread of COVID-19 at an agent location, tackle misinformation in the communities they serve while ensuring continuous access to digital financial services at safe and secure locations.

Safety & Prevention

PesaKit Safety Campaign educates mobile money agents on best practices at their shop to prevent spread of COVID-19.

Best ways to handle cash

Conveniently pay for your good online or use hand gloves and masks as you handle cash at your agent location.


The most common symptoms of corona-virus disease (COVID-19)
are fever, tiredness, flu, headache and dry cough.


There is no specific medicine to prevent or treat COVID-19. If you have mild-symptoms, stay at home until you've recovered.

Wash you hands often

Maintain hygiene by frequently washing your hands with soap and running water or sanitize using alcohol based sanitizer.

Social Distancing

Maintain a reasonable distance from your customers at your agent location by marking specific standing areas as you serves them.

Efficient Rebalancing

PesaKit float exchange

Mobile Money Agents frequently visit bank outlets to purchase float and rebalance liquidity at their shops. With the spread of COVID-19, reduced banking hours, and the need to maintain social distance to curb the spread of the virus, agents are unable to achieve efficiency at their shops losing valuable customers
in a time when CICO transactions have drastically reduced.

PesaKit Float Exchange is a free, secure, time-saving, and affordable liquidity rebalancing mechanism helping agents meet their customers’ CICO needs while curbing the spread of COVID-19.

We securely and remotely enable rebalancing of liquidity at an agent's shop without the need to go to the bank.

    Our customers are experiencing 50% decline in their agency business

    Due to the curfew, lock down and losses associated with coronavirus.


    Average time open daily


    Business rent is their biggest concern


    Lost revenue in March 2020

    Download posters and markers

    Prevent the spread of COVID-19 at your agent location. Download, print and stick the following posters at your shop to educate your customers on safety and prevention.

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