Credit reference bureau frequently asked questions

A Credit Reference Bureau (CRB) is an institution that collects credit information on borrowers who may be businesses or individuals from lenders. The CRBs were established under the Central Bank of Kenya Credit Reference Bureau Regulations, 2013.

This is either negative or positive information that may be provided by an institution regarding an individual or a business’s credit standing, credit worthiness, including past and current borrowed loans.

Negative credit information that may lead to a negative listing the CRB includes:
1. Fraudulent account activities; 2. Accounts that have been closed for other purposes other than administrative reasons; 3. Bounced cheques; 4. Repayment information including days in arrears.

Credit information/data regarding an individual or a business is provided by the various different types of financial institutions, government agencies, in Kenya. Financial institutions include: Saccos, banks, microfinance institutions

CRB listing is either positive or negative information regarding an individual or a customer’s credit information submitted by some of the financial institutions listed above

There are two types of listing statuses in the CRB: Positive and negative listing

A positive listing means that you have repaid your past and are repaying your current loans on time.

A negative listing means you are currently or have in the past had late repayments on loans borrowed from financial institutions

Being blacklisted in the CRB is similar to a negative listing. It means you are defaulting or have defaulted on a loan before.

Being blacklisted on CRB means you are a loan defaulter. A lending institution would perceive you as a risk and would therefore not approve your loan request.

A credit report is a record of your credit activity and history prepared by a CRB.

CRB Listing Status - CRB Listing informs you whether you have been listed (Positive or Negative Listing) in the CRB. It checks whether you are currently defaulting on a loan or you have defaulted on a loan in the past.

To check whether you have been listed either negatively or positively, log in to the PesaKit App, select CRB Check, then request for the CRB Listing Status.

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