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How to sell airtime and earn money on PesaKit

Frequently asked questions about PesaKit


PesaKit is a mobile money agent network platform that aims to empower every M-Pesa agent in Africa to become the source of more affordable and convenient digital and financial services, so they and their communities can grow and prosper.

PesaKit has its headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya. But, we also operate in Tanzania and are looking to expand pan-Africa in the coming years.

We have different categories of businesses and individuals that are eligible to use the PesaKit App:
1. All mobile money and banking agents in Kenya, who are over 18 years of age and have valid identity card numbers are eligible to use the PesaKit App.
2. Small business owners, who are over 18 years of age and have valid identity card numbers are eligible to use the PesaKit App.
3. Individuals that wish to make an extra income by selling digital financial products who are over 18 years of age and have valid identity card numbers are eligible to use the PesaKit App.
4. All businesses or individuals qualified to use the PesaKit App MUST have an android-based mobile device to download, install, and use the PesaKit App.

Yes, you’ll need an android-based smartphone to download, install, and use the PesaKit App

To download the PesaKit App please go to Google Play Store and search for “PesaKit”. Alternatively, click on this link below to download.

Users can use the PesaKit App to GROW, SECURE and PROSPER their business in three ways:
1. A mobile money agent can buy/sell digital airtime, KPLC tokens, pay utility bills and earn BIG commissions on each sale/purchase
2. Agents can access float loans to boost their business and serve more customers; and
3. Agents can buy/sell micro-insurance to secure their business

To register an account with PesaKit, you need to first download the app from the Play Store and select “Join PesaKit” to register your account for FREE

The PesaKit app helps M-Pesa agents PROSPER their business by giving them opportunities to earn commissions through our app. You can buy and sell Airtime, KPLC tokens, pay water bills and TV subscriptions and earn a commission on each sale/purchase

You can contact PesaKit anytime via:
WhatsApp: 0707200500
Phone: +254 20 790 3888
Email: support@pesakit.co.ke
You can also directly contact us through the PesaKit app using the Contact Us feature.

Safety & Security

We need your business information and documents only for the purposes of determining your eligibility to access our Float Loans. If you are not willing to provide this information, you will not be eligible to access our float loans.

Float Loans & Smartphone Loans

Applying for a PesaKit loan is a very simple process. Once you select the Loan option on the app, you are asked to fill in certain questions after which the team verifies the information provided and a decision is made.

To qualify for Float Loans, you MUST be an Mpesa Agent having been operational for more than 3 months. You MUST also provide your legal business documents to validate your loan application. Please note that the qualification process and the amount of float loan you can access is entirely determined by our system. However, the more validated legal business documents you provide the higher your chances are for qualifying for higher loan amounts.

Below are the documents you will need to access our Float Loans:
1. Business/individual KRA PIN
2. Business License
3. Business Registration Certificate
4. 3 months Mpesa Agency Statements
5. Certificate of good conduct
6. National Identification Card
7. Photos of your shop- inside view of your shop & outside view of your shop

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